More about me

Hello everyone! At this point I’m pretty sure I have 0 followers and only one person has looked at my blog, lol. Anyways I’m here to talk some more about myself. I would share another life lesson but I din’t really learn anything today. Well, nothing that’s important to me. I learned the usual math and English but none of it was all that interesting. 

I want to start with talking about movies/tv shows I like. First of all I absolutely LOVE Arrested Development. I really don’t know why. It’s just so stupid and funny! Then there’s Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, 90210, Bones, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (BTVS), Angel, and Dollhouse. I absolutely love horror movies! Rated R ones of coarse. But I only watch horror movies with Derek. I don’t know why. I just want to keep it as our thing. Just like Dancing/writing/painting is Tatiana’s and I’s thing. I just can’t do any of those things with other people. I did see a horror film with Tatiana recently (The House At The End Of The Street) and it just felt wrong. I needed Derek to be there.

So then there are movies I like. I have to say that Heart Breakers is one of my all time favorites! SO FUNNY! Then I liked Wolf Town a lot because it was stupid and Derek and I could yell at the screen saying: No! You IDIOT! Don’t go in there! No! I told you not to go in there. *sigh*. Okay that was more me. Derek just sat there muttering idiot most of the time. LOVED it! Derek and I had to finish it n my ipod in my bed. One of the best moments of my life. I never get that close to Derek without other people there. It was amazing. We were touching. Side to side, arm to arm. Oh, I love him. Yep, I’m sighing right now. Anyways I should get back to talking about movies! I love the Titanic it was so sad! I’ve watched it with my BFF Coraline only like a million times! Then there’s Tucker and Dale VS Evil. Best movie one earth! Watched it with Derek and we were constantly laughing! Then there’s stuff like Pitch Perfect, Footloose, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and Taking five. Those kinds of movies I really only watch at sleepovers because they’re just good sleepover movies. Then for the R rated movies that I wasn’t/am not aloud to watch! MUHAHAHA! American Pie, Piranha, Mr. Fix It, The Crow: Wicked Prayer, and These Girls. Incase you hadn’t noticed I’m a big fan of David Boreanaz. 

Well I have to go to bed! Love you all! Not as much as Derek but quite a bit! 🙂 Talk to you tomorrow and please remember if you need advice please contact me! To contact me type “Contact” in the search bar (on my blog not for help needed on wordpress) and I topic should come up titled Contact. After that follow the instructions! Night!


Today’s Life Lesson

Even when you think a friendship is over it’s not. Friends once, friends forever. I learned this the hard way.

Today I went to my friend Tatiana’s house. I hadn’t been there in over a month. She had changed so much. She was nothing like the girl I grew to love (as a friend, get your head out of the gutter). She was funny, crazy and especially random. But ever since she started going to a different school then me she’s been odd. Not the girl I liked but a new one. She was modern and teenager-y. I didn’t like it. I still don’t. but I realized something when i walked into her house today. We started dancing with the music turned up really loud. I realized at that moment that when we’re doing the things that define out friendship we’re fine.

Life’s to short to hold grudges. Fix what you can before it breaks anymore.

Yesterdays Life Lesson

When life serves you scorching hot salad, don’t eat it.

It’s a long story but I’m gonna make it short because I have to go to bed.
Last night my mom and step dad brought home take out and my salad burned me. Yeah you might be thinking that I’m just exaggerating but I swear I’m not! I have a burn on my finger!
Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little. *grinning*


Let’s get some stuff straight. My name is not Nicole but that’s what we’re gonna pretend it is. At some point in my blog life I’m sure I will tell you all what my real name is but for the time being that information is going to remain anonymous. I’m a teen girl that lives on a farm in Maine. My name, age and living location will remain anonymous until I’m ready to share that with you all. I’d like to think of myself as a good friend but I know that is not always true. I’m very honest which in some cases is good but in most cases is bad. For the most part I keep my temper under control but once in a while I fall apart. Normally when i fall apart it’s because of my crush who is not named Derek but for this purpose I’m always going to refer to him as Derek. My crush also lives on a farm, about 30 minutes away from me. I’ve known him for about three years and for two of those years I’ve liked him. Of coarse when I’m around him I’m a total nerd. I know he doesn’t like me, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. We are so close that he tells me who he likes and it always seems to be one of my closest friends. And all my closest friends have crushes on him so I can’t talk to them about my feelings. I’ve come up with a totally crazy plan to show my love for him. Before leaving for boarding school next year I plan on taking him to the stream and kissing him in our favorite spot. Of coarse now that we’re talking about kissing I have to tell you that I’ve kissed four times. They were all dares but no matter what people think I count them. The first one was a diversion crush. I pretended to like him so no one would think I liked Derek. The diversion’s name was not Gabriella but for the purpose of this it is. You might be wondering why it’s Gabriella since that is a girls name. The reason behind that is his name starts with G and I don’t like any G names except his real name and Gabriella. No offense to people names Gregory or Garry etc.

Now back to kissing. My second kiss was in front of my 11 year old best friend. It was in the up stairs on her barn at her summer party. Yeah, I kissed this boy that completely disgusts me. His name is not Nick but for the purpose if this it is. Then later he and I made out. Please remember these were dares and I do not like any of these people except Derek. Oh I think I forgot to mention where Gabriella and I kissed. In the movie theater at “Hunger Games”. Gabriella is sounding weirder and weirder every time I type it.

Right, then my fourth kiss was was with a boy that is not named Rick but for the purpose of this it is.

Now away from kissing and back to my life. I live on a farm in Maine, I have a little sister, two dogs, four cats, and cows, chickens, pigs, horses etc. You might be thinking now that you wish you lived on a farm and let me tell you that you don’t wish that! In some cases it’s nice to have fields to run through but it’s not nice to have a step dad, who’s name is not Danny but is for this purpose, take me to school wearing clothes that smell like horse/cow shit. I love my mom very much and thankfully she loves me enough to shower before going into public with me. My little sister is a nose picking monster. Yes some times she is nice but a lot of times she isn’t. I’m sure that by the time I’m thirty I’ll have a scar under my lip from where I bite it. That’s my way of dealing. I’m on the brink of hurting someone or talking back (which will result in grounding) I bite under my lip. That happens a lot.

I love one of my dogs soooooooo much! The sweetest chocolate lab on earth! My other dogs isn’t my dog, she’s Danny’s dog. Her name is Bella. For real it’s Bella. Then We have our four cats: Oliver; Jar Jar (STAR WARS); Barney (not really but for this purpose yes); and last but not least, Buddy, who’s a girl. When we first names Buddy we didn’t know that Buddy was a she so we just kinda refer to her as a him out of habit.

Eww, I just made the worst grilled cheese on earth.

Well I have to go but for next time I’ll talk more about myself. I’d like to help other people with their problems because I find I’m very good at that. If you have a problem hold onto it and I’ll try to make something where people can contact me. I am, though, still very new to this whole blog thing.


So I’ve decided that for people who want to ask me questions and or have me help them with problems they should fill out this form. After filling out the form below please message it to me. Form:

*Name: [Name Here. If you don’t want your name to be published please say so.]

*Preferences: [Would you like this problem to be published for other people to see. This might be helpful to other people who have the same problem as you! Or would you like me to answer this privately? Just say: Yes publish or say No, don’t publish.]

Problem: [If you are messaging me for help with a problem please put your problem here.]

Question: [If you are messaging me with a question about myself please put it here. All of these will be published unless I don’t feel it should be.]

Other: [Anything else you have to say]

* = must have. Allthough there isn’t a star next to Problem or Questions you must have on or the other unless what you have to say doesn’t fall under one of those catigories. if that is the case please say what you have to say on “Other”.