Today’s Life Lesson

Even when you think a friendship is over it’s not. Friends once, friends forever. I learned this the hard way.

Today I went to my friend Tatiana’s house. I hadn’t been there in over a month. She had changed so much. She was nothing like the girl I grew to love (as a friend, get your head out of the gutter). She was funny, crazy and especially random. But ever since she started going to a different school then me she’s been odd. Not the girl I liked but a new one. She was modern and teenager-y. I didn’t like it. I still don’t. but I realized something when i walked into her house today. We started dancing with the music turned up really loud. I realized at that moment that when we’re doing the things that define out friendship we’re fine.

Life’s to short to hold grudges. Fix what you can before it breaks anymore.


One thought on “Today’s Life Lesson

  1. nicole3139 says:

    What the fuck!? HELP! I just typed two pages and it’s not here! 😦 I’m ticked off. No, I’m pissed off. I have a bad temper when alone, b the way. Stupid computer!

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