This past summer I entered a contest held by Ke$ha. The contest was for what outfit you’d wear to her concert if given the opportunity. I won! Speaking of which you should all check me out on vinted: nicole3139

Anyways, I went to the concert in the outfit that had won. I was the very front row and I got to meet Ke$ha. I must say, it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to. She was so theatrical and beautiful! I’m so sad to hear about her recents issues with music and eating disorder. I hope her manager will suck it up and let her write/make music that she wants to be doing.

Mike Posner opened for her. He was really good! I actually know his sister too. It was overall just really nice. It was obvious that he opening act was so happy to be there. He gave a little speech to say how thankful he was for being there and I can tell you, the audience was happy about his being there too.


I also went to see Bruno Mars this past summer. Sadly I wasn’t feeling well and the concert turned out to be not that exciting since I couldn’t focus on the actual happenings that much. I’ve always really enjoyed Bruno Mars and recently I’ve started voice lessons. I’ve been singing Wagon Wheel and Talking to the Moon.

Leading up to the concert I walked around Boston and shopped. When we got to the concert we went to very top row in TD Gardens because that’s what the tickets are for. I feel like it’s unfair to people who don’t have a lot of money. Concert tickets are sooooo expensive! I’ve been saving up for eight months to get front row seats at a Bruno Mars concert to make up for the last experience I had there.


A couple summers ago I went to the Mumford and Sons show in Portland. It was outdoors and kind of like a music festival. There was multiple bands that played before Mumford and Sons did. Haim, the up and coming all girl band, was one of the players. I was a little disappointed with how short the main band actually ended up playing but it was okay. They also ran out of food at the show so people were starving since this was an all afternoon performance. My friends Derek, Isabella, and I were so hungry.

I feel like I like outdoor concerts better then indoor ones. All of my favorite shows have been outside including Ke$ha which I saw in Bangor.


That same summer I saw Jason Mraz. That show was also outside and incredible! He was super interactive with the audience which I really liked. He got the whole audience to stand up and sway and hug people sitting next to you. Plus the venue was really nice.


I’ve also seen a few others bands/artists that I don’t remember as well/aren’t very notable. I’ve seen Wide Spread Panic, Old Crow Medicine Show, Phish, Wilco (which was actually really fun, I’m just too lazy to write about it), Lucinda Williams, and Dar Williams


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