So I’ve decided that for people who want to ask me questions and or have me help them with problems they should fill out this form. After filling out the form below please message it to me. Form:

*Name: [Name Here. If you don’t want your name to be published please say so.]

*Preferences: [Would you like this problem to be published for other people to see. This might be helpful to other people who have the same problem as you! Or would you like me to answer this privately? Just say: Yes publish or say No, don’t publish.]

Problem: [If you are messaging me for help with a problem please put your problem here.]

Question: [If you are messaging me with a question about myself please put it here. All of these will be published unless I don’t feel it should be.]

Other: [Anything else you have to say]

* = must have. Allthough there isn’t a star next to Problem or Questions you must have on or the other unless what you have to say doesn’t fall under one of those catigories. if that is the case please say what you have to say on “Other”.


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